On the 'Mirror Neuron' System

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Tue Jan 25 23:41:41 EST 2005

This one is =Difficult=.

I just watched a segment of the new
PBS show, =Nova Science Now=,
that dealt with what the show called
the "mirror neuron" system.

It's Hilarious -- =all= of that stuff was
reified in NDT back in the late 1970s,
and all of it has been in AoK all along,
all, in a way that is much more concise-
ly-stated than was depicted on the TV
show -- because, in AoK, it's all an-
chored in the neural Topology in a way
that explains why it exists and how it
functions as it does.

Yet, there was no mention of either
AoK or NDT.

What can I say?

It =Hurts=, Big-'time', that Profession-
als behave in this way -- which is Sor-
rowfully-'hilarious' in the context of the
emphasis on "empathy" that coursed-
through the segment of the TV show.

But what's not funny, at all, is the more-
inclusive, larger, set of considerations
that derive in the "mirror" stuff that was
discussed in the TV segment -- the Sur-
vival of Humanity is dependent upon -- 
derives in -- Honoring Truth with re-
spect to the stuff that was depicted on
the TV show.

So, the small act of 'twisting the history'
of Science, instantiates the =possibility=
that Humanity will not Survive.

Can folks see this?

It's an instance of the "Terrible-Impossib-
ility" that I wrote of in a post last 'night'.

To 'sustain' the 'moving away from' Truth
inherent in the 'twisting of the History of
Science' "freezes", ever-increasingly, what
folks can do with the energy-capacities of
their nervous systems, subtracting that en-
ergy from the net energy that can be ex-
pended to do useful work that would,
otherwise, allow Humanity to lift itself up
above "man's inhumanity to man".

It's like the "butterfly effect" in Chaos
Theory -- a small purturbation, here,
builds to cataclysmic events, there -- 
only, in the present instance, everything
is flat-out Predictable be-cause, since
energy flow is infinitely-divisible, the net
result builds as a 3-D energy "solid" -- 
no "randomness".

Jesus addressed all of this stuff when He
said, "Whoever is faithful in a very little is
faithful also in much; and whoever is dis-
honest in a very little is dishonest also in
much. If then you have not been faithful
with the dishonest wealth, who will entrust
to you the true riches? And if you have
not been faithful with what belongs to
another, who will give you what is your
own? No slave can serve two masters;
for a slave will either hate the one and
love the other, or be devoted to the one
and despise the other. You cannot serve
God and wealth."

As usual, the depths of understanding
that Jesus expresses go on forever [and
I understand, and always have, that my
bringing up the understanding that Jesus
expressed will 'set folks against me'. It's
just that I'm Free to address this stuff be-
cause I'm being Killed, anyway].

In the passage quoted above, Jesus was
'just' saying, much-more-completely, the
same-stuff that I wrote about still further
above in this post.

He was talking about the energydynamics
inherent and the way they are recognized
within Human Nervous systems.

It's the stuff of the Terrible-Impossibility.

Jesus says much more, with respect to the
same-stuff, in other passages. Folks who
want to explore that stuff should check
out Matthew 24:45-51, Luke 12:42-59,
Luke 16:10-31.

Pay attention to the the inevitability and
the continuity: "But it is easier for heaven
and earth to pass away, than for one
stroke of a letter in the law to be dropped."

Look, I don't want to "preach" to folks,
and I'm =not= doing so. All I'm doing is
Science -- and =not= doing to Jesus what
folks've done to me.

I'm 'watching' =Frontline= [I think :-] as I
write this. It's discussing the problem of
"jihadists" in Europe -- the way that Mos-
lems who imigrate to Europe are not rad-
icalized when they come to Europe, but
become so after experiencing European

This happens =solely= as a consequence
of the 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
zation that occurs within the nervous sys-
tems of the Imigrants. It has =nothing at
all= to do with "god" or "religion". =All=
of it derives in the fact that, when the Im-
igrants find themselves within the Cultures
of Europe with which they are 'unfamiliar',
they experience 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I(up) within their nervous systems, and
that TD E/I(up) becomes relatively dimin-
ished when the Immigrants interact amongst

And that's all there is to it.

No "god".

No "religion".

'just' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
zation within nervous systems, doing that
which it 'blindly' and automatically does,
attaching 'meaning' to it that is consistently
aligned with greatest TD E/I-minimization.

The dynamics inherent are =exactly= what
Jesus was talking about ~2000 'years' ago.
Blind "faithlessness" in "small matters" that
instantiates "great matters'" flying off the
handle. Jesus was talking about the way
Human nervous systems process informa-
tion via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
mization -- He was taling about much more,
but He =not= talking about "religion" as
Humans have converged upon notions of

What Humans have converged upon as
"religion" is mostly =just their own= TD
E/I-minimization. Jesus always talked a-
bout =Infinitely= more than what is com-
monly referred to as "religion". Jesus ad-
dressed the energydynamics inherent in
"man's inhumanity to man", the Conse-
quences inherent, and how Humanity can
lift itself up above all of that.

It always cracks-me-up when folks "blame"
Jesus for all of the Savage stuff that's been
done, supposedly,  "in the name of god".

Jesus said, ~"Love your enemy. Do good
to those who persecute you. "Turn the other
cheek." "Go the extra mile." "And give 'em
your shirt, too."

Where, in that, can anyone possibly con-
strue Jesus as being the wellspring of the
Savagery that folks've committed against
one another?

All that stuff is 'just' a False finitization
that's =nothing= but folks' nervous sys-
tems, 'blindly' and automatically con-
verging upon TD E/I-minimization. And,
when one analyzes such, one sees, clear-
ly, that all that's happening is that a super-
ficial contemporaneous "gloss" is being
added to Ancient Savageries that've re-
mained unchanged since the first glim-
merings of Human existence.

[I "confess" -- in my commonplace ex-
perience, I =always= see this same cir-
cumstance -- Ancient stuff being 'pres-
ented' with superficial contemporaneous
'glosses' painted onto it. This, too, has
been in AoK all along [Ap7; "fads" and

And anyone who looks can easily see that
Jesus also concisesly addressed =all= that's
in the 'squeamishness' that folks experience
when they read my acknowledgement of
Jesus' Priority -- "Good grief! He's going
off the deep end with all this religious talk!"
And, then, folks 'move away from me', even
though all I'm doing is refusing to do to
Jesus what folks do to me :-]

I will not Plagerize Jesus' Work.

It's so Sorrowfully-'funny'.

To date, I'm the only one who's seen that,
of course along with much more, Jesus was
actually addressing nervous system function.
And, when I write about such, here in b.n,
folks 'blindly' and automatically 'think' that
I'm some "poor lost soul" who's "gone off
the deep end" to 'supplant' Science with

But that's =not= the case at all.

All that's in folks knee-jerk reactions to my
Honoring Truth with respect to Jesus is what's
in =their= misconceptions of what Jesus was
talking about -- they experience "religion" as
some sort of "supernatural" stuff that's "not
verifiable" -- you know -- the stuff of folks'
various "fanaticisms", which have Slaughtered
millions and millions of others throughout the
course of Human History. And 'all' =that=
stuff has been has been 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization acting without being

But folks knee-jerk with respect to Jesus,
and they knee-jerk with respect to my ac-
knowledging Jesus' Priority with respect
to NDT's synthesis of Neuroscience.

And what's really Funny is that folks in
'religion' 'move away from' me even more
strongly than do folks in 'science'.

Hell hath no fury like that which 'blindly'-
automated folks meet out to those who
Honor Truth.

It's the 'funniest' thing of all -- then folks
who so 'move away from' Truth, when it
comes into their Lives, 'wonder' why no-
thing ever changes for the better :-]

Anyway, I'm filled with Sorrow.

'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance", is so
'powerful', and I'm so 'powerless'.

I cannot even defend my own Priority
with respect to the stuff that I've done in
Neuroscience -- yet folks make TV shows
about it -- sealing the fates of much more
than 'me'.

It's such an Immense-Sorrow.

I expect that folks'll Desperately 'wish'
that they'd chosen otherwise -- when they
realize that they could've prevented the
Savagery by 'just' Honoring Truth.

And I'm =not= talking about what's hap-
pening to me. I'm not talking about anything
that I'll do.

I "turn the other cheek, go the extra mile,
and give folks my shirt, too."

My Sorrow derives in my seeing 'the beast'
and comprehending what it has done, is doing,
and will do -- and in my knowing the Innocence
of the Children.

[If you've read, and considered, what's here,
Thank You.]

[And, if I'm Wrong in the surmise that the
TV show disclosed that my work is being
rampantly-Plagerized -- that the TV show
was doing something like a "prelude" to
NDT's coming forward -- then I ask, how
am I supposed to be able to Discern such
when it's the case that no one will talk to
me, and none of my letters and phone calls
are ever answered? So I presume that the
TV show 'just' depicted -- and conveyed -- 
Plagerism. One does not misrepresent stuff
such as that which was presented in the TV
show. To do so is Unthinkably-Offensive.
Priority is not some damned "comedy-hour"

k. p. collins

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