On the 'Mirror Neuron' System

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Necessary Clarification, below.

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| [...]

| I'm 'watching' =Frontline= [I think :-] as I
| write this. It's discussing the problem of
| "jihadists" in Europe -- the way that Mos-
| lems who imigrate to Europe are not rad-
| icalized when they come to Europe, but
| become so after experiencing European
| Cultures.
| This happens =solely= as a consequence
| of the 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
| zation that occurs within the nervous sys-
| tems of the Imigrants.
| [...]

The above is so incomplete as to be not-

=In addition= to TD E/I-minimization
that occurs within the nervous systems of
the Imigrants, TD E/I-minimization that
occurs within the nervous systems of the
Native Citizens of the Nations into which
folks imigrate exacerbates the "inward
spiralling" [AoK, Ap8] interactive dyn-

That the Imigrants 'move away from' the
Cultures into which they imigrate, and
'move toward' skewed images of the
Cultures from which they emigrated, and
the degree to which such occurs, derive
in the relative 'power' of the Native and
Imigrant groups.

In America, the Same-Stuff is what un-
derpinned the Genocide of the Native
Americans and the Enslavement of the
Africans who were forcefully abducted
from their Native Lands.

To date, in =all= such instances of cul-
tural-"merging", it's been =one= thing -- 
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, not comprehended, that precipi-
tated =all= of the Savagery that's been

You know?

I =understand= that this 'Difficult' stuff
that I routinely discuss is =Discomfitting=
to folks who read it. I understand that,
and I 'die' a little bit with each such msg
that I post.

It's just that, where's the Choice?

I mean, there =is= a Choice. I could 'just'
say, "To hell with folks' Ravaging one
another's Beings. I'll use the work that
I've done in Science to 'get rich' and to
live a 'comfortable' Life."

But, good grief! If I 'chose' that way I'd
be =inviting= the Ancient Animosities to
continue, unchallanged.

So I have to discuss this 'Difficult' stuff -- 
to breathe Life into Hope -- to Honor
Truth -- do do what Needs to be Done.

And, although it breaks my 'heart' to have
to Choose to discuss stuff, in folks' elec-
tronic 'presences', that I understand is Dis-
comfitting to the folks who read it, it's the
most-Loving thing I can do -- be-cause =I
understand= how and why 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, left uncompre-
hended, Ravages the rest of my Human
Family, and it's in my 'heart' to lift folks
up above their Savage Victimization at
the 'hands' of 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance".

But, some 'times', the doing of what needs
to be done Hurts like Hell.

I Apologize for recklessly leaving the por-
tion of my earlier that's quoted above open
to the 'interpretation' that the problem I was
addressing derived "=solely=" within the
nervous systems of the Imigrants.

That 'interpretation' is False.

Within =all= Human interactive dynamics,
"it takes two to tango", which is just another
way of acknowledging the "double-edged-
sword" nature of Truth -- ab-use it, and it
"cuts" the one who ab-uses it.

k. p. collins

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