On the 'Mirror Neuron' System

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| This one is =Difficult=.
| I just watched a segment of the new
| PBS show, =Nova Science Now=,
| that dealt with what the show called
| the "mirror neuron" system.
| It's Hilarious -- =all= of that stuff was
| reified in NDT back in the late 1970s,
| and all of it has been in AoK all along,
| all, in a way that is much more concise-
| ly-stated than was depicted on the TV
| show -- because, in AoK, it's all an-
| chored in the neural Topology in a way
| that explains why it exists and how it
| functions as it does.
| Yet, there was no mention of either
| AoK or NDT.
| What can I say?
| [...]

I cannot condone such, but if folks want
to "test" me, all they have to do is repli-
cate NDT's =whole= position.

Honor Truth.

I'll monitor the quality of such, and as
soon as I see that folks've Plagerized
it =whole= -- and that it's worth has
been generally communicated, I'll just
'go away'.

As things stand, even though all I have
in my Life is to work to bring NDT's
understanding forward, becoming
"free" of the burden inherent would be
a "step-forward". At least I'd be free
to try to find a Job -- you know, to
Live a little before I die.

So, if you're going to Plagerize my
work, be Bold in your doing so.

You'll see where my 'heart's been all

Then, I'll send you my shirt, too.

k. p. collins 

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