On the 'Mirror Neuron' System

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Wed Jan 26 11:51:25 EST 2005

It's rare that you, me and Longley are all laughing at the same current
neuroscience news.

'Course I'm only guessing about Longley.


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> This one is =Difficult=.
> I just watched a segment of the new
> PBS show, =Nova Science Now=,
> that dealt with what the show called
> the "mirror neuron" system.
> It's Hilarious -- =all= of that stuff was
> reified in NDT back in the late 1970s,
> and all of it has been in AoK all along,
> all, in a way that is much more concise-
> ly-stated than was depicted on the TV
> show -- because, in AoK, it's all an-
> chored in the neural Topology in a way
> that explains why it exists and how it
> functions as it does.
> Yet, there was no mention of either
> AoK or NDT.
> What can I say?
> It =Hurts=, Big-'time', that Profession-
> als behave in this way -- which is Sor-
> rowfully-'hilarious' in the context of the
> emphasis on "empathy" that coursed-
> through the segment of the TV show.
> But what's not funny, at all, is the more-
> inclusive, larger, set of considerations
> that derive in the "mirror" stuff that was
> discussed in the TV segment -- the Sur-
> vival of Humanity is dependent upon --
> derives in -- Honoring Truth with re-
> spect to the stuff that was depicted on
> the TV show.
> So, the small act of 'twisting the history'
> of Science, instantiates the =possibility=
> that Humanity will not Survive.
> Can folks see this?
> It's an instance of the "Terrible-Impossib-
> ility" that I wrote of in a post last 'night'.
> To 'sustain' the 'moving away from' Truth
> inherent in the 'twisting of the History of
> Science' "freezes", ever-increasingly, what
> folks can do with the energy-capacities of
> their nervous systems, subtracting that en-
> ergy from the net energy that can be ex-
> pended to do useful work that would,
> otherwise, allow Humanity to lift itself up
> above "man's inhumanity to man".
> It's like the "butterfly effect" in Chaos
> Theory -- a small purturbation, here,
> builds to cataclysmic events, there --
> only, in the present instance, everything
> is flat-out Predictable be-cause, since
> energy flow is infinitely-divisible, the net
> result builds as a 3-D energy "solid" --
> no "randomness".
> Jesus addressed all of this stuff when He
> said, "Whoever is faithful in a very little is
> faithful also in much; and whoever is dis-
> honest in a very little is dishonest also in
> much. If then you have not been faithful
> with the dishonest wealth, who will entrust
> to you the true riches? And if you have
> not been faithful with what belongs to
> another, who will give you what is your
> own? No slave can serve two masters;
> for a slave will either hate the one and
> love the other, or be devoted to the one
> and despise the other. You cannot serve
> God and wealth."
> As usual, the depths of understanding
> that Jesus expresses go on forever [and
> I understand, and always have, that my
> bringing up the understanding that Jesus
> expressed will 'set folks against me'. It's
> just that I'm Free to address this stuff be-
> cause I'm being Killed, anyway].
> In the passage quoted above, Jesus was
> 'just' saying, much-more-completely, the
> same-stuff that I wrote about still further
> above in this post.
> He was talking about the energydynamics
> inherent and the way they are recognized
> within Human Nervous systems.
> It's the stuff of the Terrible-Impossibility.
> Jesus says much more, with respect to the
> same-stuff, in other passages. Folks who
> want to explore that stuff should check
> out Matthew 24:45-51, Luke 12:42-59,
> Luke 16:10-31.
> Pay attention to the the inevitability and
> the continuity: "But it is easier for heaven
> and earth to pass away, than for one
> stroke of a letter in the law to be dropped."
> Look, I don't want to "preach" to folks,
> and I'm =not= doing so. All I'm doing is
> Science -- and =not= doing to Jesus what
> folks've done to me.
> I'm 'watching' =Frontline= [I think :-] as I
> write this. It's discussing the problem of
> "jihadists" in Europe -- the way that Mos-
> lems who imigrate to Europe are not rad-
> icalized when they come to Europe, but
> become so after experiencing European
> Cultures.
> This happens =solely= as a consequence
> of the 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
> zation that occurs within the nervous sys-
> tems of the Imigrants. It has =nothing at
> all= to do with "god" or "religion". =All=
> of it derives in the fact that, when the Im-
> igrants find themselves within the Cultures
> of Europe with which they are 'unfamiliar',
> they experience 'blindly'-automated TD
> E/I(up) within their nervous systems, and
> that TD E/I(up) becomes relatively dimin-
> ished when the Immigrants interact amongst
> themselves.
> And that's all there is to it.
> No "god".
> No "religion".
> 'just' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
> zation within nervous systems, doing that
> which it 'blindly' and automatically does,
> attaching 'meaning' to it that is consistently
> aligned with greatest TD E/I-minimization.
> The dynamics inherent are =exactly= what
> Jesus was talking about ~2000 'years' ago.
> Blind "faithlessness" in "small matters" that
> instantiates "great matters'" flying off the
> handle. Jesus was talking about the way
> Human nervous systems process informa-
> tion via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
> mization -- He was taling about much more,
> but He =not= talking about "religion" as
> Humans have converged upon notions of
> "religion".
> What Humans have converged upon as
> "religion" is mostly =just their own= TD
> E/I-minimization. Jesus always talked a-
> bout =Infinitely= more than what is com-
> monly referred to as "religion". Jesus ad-
> dressed the energydynamics inherent in
> "man's inhumanity to man", the Conse-
> quences inherent, and how Humanity can
> lift itself up above all of that.
> It always cracks-me-up when folks "blame"
> Jesus for all of the Savage stuff that's been
> done, supposedly,  "in the name of god".
> Jesus said, ~"Love your enemy. Do good
> to those who persecute you. "Turn the other
> cheek." "Go the extra mile." "And give 'em
> your shirt, too."
> Where, in that, can anyone possibly con-
> strue Jesus as being the wellspring of the
> Savagery that folks've committed against
> one another?
> All that stuff is 'just' a False finitization
> that's =nothing= but folks' nervous sys-
> tems, 'blindly' and automatically con-
> verging upon TD E/I-minimization. And,
> when one analyzes such, one sees, clear-
> ly, that all that's happening is that a super-
> ficial contemporaneous "gloss" is being
> added to Ancient Savageries that've re-
> mained unchanged since the first glim-
> merings of Human existence.
> [I "confess" -- in my commonplace ex-
> perience, I =always= see this same cir-
> cumstance -- Ancient stuff being 'pres-
> ented' with superficial contemporaneous
> 'glosses' painted onto it. This, too, has
> been in AoK all along [Ap7; "fads" and
> "fashion"]].
> And anyone who looks can easily see that
> Jesus also concisesly addressed =all= that's
> in the 'squeamishness' that folks experience
> when they read my acknowledgement of
> Jesus' Priority -- "Good grief! He's going
> off the deep end with all this religious talk!"
> And, then, folks 'move away from me', even
> though all I'm doing is refusing to do to
> Jesus what folks do to me :-]
> I will not Plagerize Jesus' Work.
> It's so Sorrowfully-'funny'.
> To date, I'm the only one who's seen that,
> of course along with much more, Jesus was
> actually addressing nervous system function.
> And, when I write about such, here in b.n,
> folks 'blindly' and automatically 'think' that
> I'm some "poor lost soul" who's "gone off
> the deep end" to 'supplant' Science with
> "religion".
> But that's =not= the case at all.
> All that's in folks knee-jerk reactions to my
> Honoring Truth with respect to Jesus is what's
> in =their= misconceptions of what Jesus was
> talking about -- they experience "religion" as
> some sort of "supernatural" stuff that's "not
> verifiable" -- you know -- the stuff of folks'
> various "fanaticisms", which have Slaughtered
> millions and millions of others throughout the
> course of Human History. And 'all' =that=
> stuff has been has been 'blindly'-automated
> TD E/I-minimization acting without being
> comprehended.
> But folks knee-jerk with respect to Jesus,
> and they knee-jerk with respect to my ac-
> knowledging Jesus' Priority with respect
> to NDT's synthesis of Neuroscience.
> And what's really Funny is that folks in
> 'religion' 'move away from' me even more
> strongly than do folks in 'science'.
> Hell hath no fury like that which 'blindly'-
> automated folks meet out to those who
> Honor Truth.
> It's the 'funniest' thing of all -- then folks
> who so 'move away from' Truth, when it
> comes into their Lives, 'wonder' why no-
> thing ever changes for the better :-]
> Anyway, I'm filled with Sorrow.
> 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance", is so
> 'powerful', and I'm so 'powerless'.
> I cannot even defend my own Priority
> with respect to the stuff that I've done in
> Neuroscience -- yet folks make TV shows
> about it -- sealing the fates of much more
> than 'me'.
> It's such an Immense-Sorrow.
> I expect that folks'll Desperately 'wish'
> that they'd chosen otherwise -- when they
> realize that they could've prevented the
> Savagery by 'just' Honoring Truth.
> And I'm =not= talking about what's hap-
> pening to me. I'm not talking about anything
> that I'll do.
> I "turn the other cheek, go the extra mile,
> and give folks my shirt, too."
> My Sorrow derives in my seeing 'the beast'
> and comprehending what it has done, is doing,
> and will do -- and in my knowing the Innocence
> of the Children.
> [If you've read, and considered, what's here,
> Thank You.]
> [And, if I'm Wrong in the surmise that the
> TV show disclosed that my work is being
> rampantly-Plagerized -- that the TV show
> was doing something like a "prelude" to
> NDT's coming forward -- then I ask, how
> am I supposed to be able to Discern such
> when it's the case that no one will talk to
> me, and none of my letters and phone calls
> are ever answered? So I presume that the
> TV show 'just' depicted -- and conveyed --
> Plagerism. One does not misrepresent stuff
> such as that which was presented in the TV
> show. To do so is Unthinkably-Offensive.
> Priority is not some damned "comedy-hour"
> stuff.]
> k. p. collins

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