On the 'Mirror Neuron' System

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Further Necessary Clarification, below.

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| This one is =Difficult=.
| I just watched a segment of the new
| PBS show, =Nova Science Now=,
| that dealt with what the show called
| the "mirror neuron" system.
| It's Hilarious -- =all= of that stuff was
| reified in NDT back in the late 1970s,
| and all of it has been in AoK all along,
| all, in a way that is much more concise-
| ly-stated than was depicted on the TV
| show -- because, in AoK, it's all an-
| chored in the neural Topology in a way
| that explains why it exists and how it
| functions as it does.
| [...]

First, there exists no such thing as =a=
"mirror neuron", and that's so obvious
that, in my initial post in this thread, I'd
presumed that the folks who were pre-
senting the stuff of the TV segment
were 'just' "dumbing-down" NDT's
reification of all that's in "dynamic
subordinate coupling" and "super-
system configuration" [AoK, Ap5]
which explains =all= of the hows and
whys of =everything= that was pre-
sented on the TV show [of course,
in a way that derives in the work
that's in the refs that are cited in AoK]..

So, I'm faced with a Dilemma [capital
"D"] -- either the researchers that dis-
cussed 'neuroscience' during the TV
segment are totally-lost, or the TV
segment was a deliberate hoax.

The first of these alternatives is remed-
iable, but, if it was the second altern-
ative that was unfolding, that consti-
tutes Unthinkable-Fraud because so
much that's so Crucial depends upon
Neuroscience being reported accurate-
ly and clearly, =especially= in circum-
stances in which lay audiences are be-
ing addressed.

Either way, the stuff presented in that
TV segment was totally-unacceptable,
and it's Unfortunate that the folks at
PBS got caught-up in it.

Neuroscience is a matter of Life and
Death on a Massive scale.

This Deserves to be =Honored= with
folks' Best Efforts.

K. P. Collins 

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