On the 'Mirror Neuron' System

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Of course I understand that your com-
ments were probably not with respect
to me, but if they were, don't feel any-
thing untoward on my account.

When confronted with 'difficult' stuff,
I routinely "err" on the "lift-folks-up-
above-it" side, and "bite the bullet"
with respect to the "consequences"
that devolve upon me. [It's important
not to "wimp-out" with respect to
such. "Wimping-out" 'just' co-oper-
ates in the perpetuation of stuff that

Then, if the "lifting-up" is effective,
I just forgetaboutit, agreeing with
Lincoln, "If a man ceases to attack
me, I never remember the past
against him." [also, AoK, Epilogue]

ken [k. p. collins]

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