The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

Sir Frederick mmcneill at fuzzysys.com
Sat Jan 29 02:11:02 EST 2005

We live in a medieval culture. The paradigms of that culture
will not change. Any (neuroscience) change must be a cultural
change. This means several generational changes in the cultural
inhabitants. Probably a minimum of a hundred years or about 
three to five generations. People cannot change these brain 
paradigms, new people must be cultured for a different culture
paradigm to become canonic. The "old" must literally die off.

On top of that may be self experience delusions that come from 
millions of years of pragmatic evolution.

These neuroscience vs. folk lore paradigm conflicts are not similar to such 
as learning how to fly with fixed wing vs. flapping wings.
Frederick Martin McNeill
Poway, California, United States of America
mmcneill at fuzzysys.com
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-- Thomas Huxley (1825-1895)
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