The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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"Biological mass" is literally constructed
within nervous systems as a result of the
information-processing work that they

So, "biological mass" cannot just be

It has physical inertia that can only be
altered through the doing of =TD E/I-
minimized= information-processing

The =TD E/I-minimization= necessity
is what makes transformation of mu-
tually-exclusive "biological masses" in-
to mutually-inclusive "biological masses"
=Hard= to accomplish, be-cause, as
soon as the "self"-contradictory inform-
ation is encountered, it induces TD
E/I(up) within a nervous system, and,
through 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, the nervous system in-
volved reacts to the TD E/I(up) by
'blindly' and automatically 'moving
away from' the external experiential
environment [usually one or more other
Persons] that induced the TD E/I(up).

What NDT's understanding is -- how
it takes-form within a nervous system -- 
is in a "prefrontal constellation" [AoK,
Ap7] that is formed [as is explained in
AoK, Ap7 [please read it]] over the
relatively-long-term of an Individual's
experiences. It is =THE= General Case
of the way that "prefrontal constella-
tions" develop, and constitutes a "pre-
frontal constellation" that has general-
ized applicability that enables global
TD E/I-minimization to occur within
a nervous system =even as mutually-
exclusive lower-level "finitizations"
[AoK, Ap4] are being processed
simultaneously=, which enables the
=Hard= "biological mass" transform-
ation to occur "gracefully" [without
descending into "aggression" -- with-
out "going amygdalar"].

It only seems like "magic" because
it remains 'unfamiliar' to folks -- be-
cause the "biological mass" that in-
stantiates "understanding" with re-
spect to it has not been constructed
within the nervous systems of folks
who experience it as 'magic'.

There's no 'magic' involved. It's all
been explained in AoK all along.

Anyway, why I'm getting into all of
this, 'now', is that, if the Iraqi Election
dynamics don't turn out as this or that
group expects them to, don't allow
that to induce things to fly-off-the-

All that'll be will be is "biological mass"
and "behavioral inertia", left uncompre-
hended, and which can't be "touched"
by bombs and bullets.

The only stuff that can "touch" it is un-

You know -- there's a Better Way.

k. p. collins 

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