The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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| We live in a medieval culture. The paradigms of that culture
| will not change. Any (neuroscience) change must be a cultural
| change. This means several generational changes in the cultural
| inhabitants. Probably a minimum of a hundred years or about
| three to five generations. People cannot change these brain
| paradigms, new people must be cultured for a different culture
| paradigm to become canonic. The "old" must literally die off.
| On top of that may be self experience delusions that come from
| millions of years of pragmatic evolution.
| These neuroscience vs. folk lore paradigm conflicts are not similar to
| as learning how to fly with fixed wing vs. flapping wings.
| [...]

If what you assert was True, then
it would be "impossible" for a
Child to mature to become an

That's Possible.

What =was= "impossible" was for
a medieval Child to mature to be-
come an Engineer who could de-
sign the Saturn V, Gemini capsule,
and Lunar Lander.

If you look, you'll see that the only
"difference" is with respect to the
understanding that was available to
the Child when the Child as growing
to maturity.

With respect to your "objection", NDT's
understanding is the analogue of the
understanding that enabled Humans to
engineer a way to get to Moon and

You know?

NDT's understanding just makes it

Your "problem" is that you just have-
n't, yet, acquired NDT's understanding.

So you can't see the Possibility.

It's a breath-taking reality with respect
to the way that nervous systems work -- 
ability to "see" derives in the informa-
tion that's been "learned".

Don't be "angry" with me for saying it
plain -- your "objection" was anticipated,
and has been taken care of in AoK all

Yes, it seems "impossible", but so did
"going to the moon" before the necess-
ary understanding was available to folks.

Once the understanding is available,
=any= 'normal' Child can acquire the
abilities that the understanding makes

Same as any 'normal' Child can grow
up to Engineer stuff that you and I
cannot even imagine yet.

In a Child, all of this happens on a
scale of years, not "generations".

I'm sorry. What you've asserted is

k. p. collins 

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