The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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| I think you would find - if you looked - that not only
| are the central tenets of Janov's view is - like yours -
| based on scientific facts, but that it also is satisfyingly
| complementary to your insights.
| But of course, you may never care to look.
| At least to that extent we live in a free world! :-)
| Cheers,
| Peter

You posted a "Janov" web site a while back.

I took a serious look at it and found it to be
a "commercial" site that wanted to "sell"
stuff. So I left without pursuing it any further.

Really, Peter, as "unseemly" as it might seem :-]
NDT is the Neuroscience "equivalent" of
Newton's work in Natural Philosophy.

It changes everything just as Newton's work

Just as Newton knew what he'd accomplished,
so do I. And just as Newton had no reason to
"fall-back" to the former, non-working stuff,
neither do I.

What makes NDT's "Revolution" 'Difficult' is
that, in reifying nervous system function, it sim-
ultaneously redefines what it is to be Human,
and that "rubs-against" millenia of accumulated,
and handed-down, "biological mass", which
results in folks 'moving away from' NDT's
stuff, and 'moving toward' the old, long-'fam-
iliar' Savagery -- which is Sorrowfully'hilarious',
but completely explained in NDT [and which,
as is briefly explained in AoK, Ap10, thus
substantiates NDT].

With respect to your oft-reiterated invocation
of "Janov", I was hoping that you'd just dis-
cuss what it is that you want me to consider.

You know -- rather than pointing me to it as
a sort of "Rorshach test" :-]

You know, have mercy by telling me what
you want me to consider, instead of asking
me to "guess" what it is that you expect me
to consider.

You know -- like I've done with respect to
NDT's position.

ken [k. p. collins] 

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