The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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>| Please describe and give web references (available to me) for all your acronyms.
>| Thank you for your definitions.
>Do a date-ordered =Groups= Google[tm] on
>my ID.
>Since I came back online, at the beginning of
>November, 2004, I've done a reiteration of
>NDT's general position [which was 'complete'
>by the middle of December, 2004].
>There're several hundred posts, but, if you
>actually want to understand, there it is.
>I suspect, though, that what you actually want
>is an introductory text. That is what AoK is.
>It's out-there, available for free.

Where out there?

>If that's inadequate, then help me find a Pub-
>lisher that'll Publish a regular book :-]

I hear self publishing is quite easily done these days.

>[I've given up expecting my calls and letters
>to Publishers to be answered. They never are.]
>k. p. collins 

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