The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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| >| Please describe and give web references (available to me) for all your acronyms.
| >| Thank you for your definitions.
| >
| >Do a date-ordered =Groups= Google[tm] on
| >my ID.
| >
| >Since I came back online, at the beginning of
| >November, 2004, I've done a reiteration of
| >NDT's general position [which was 'complete'
| >by the middle of December, 2004].
| >
| >There're several hundred posts, but, if you
| >actually want to understand, there it is.
| >
| >I suspect, though, that what you actually want
| >is an introductory text. That is what AoK is.
| >It's out-there, available for free.
| Where out there?

If you give me permission to do so,
I'll send it to you. It's an old MSDOS[tm]
hypertext "book" that also runs under
Windows[tm], and is about 350k as a
compressed [self-extracting] attachment.
[If you allow me to send it to you, you'll
have to be patient. I've got to dig it out
of back-ups, so that'll take a while.]

Many folks have it. If you say you
want a copy, perhaps someone else
will send it to you. If not, I will.]

| >If that's inadequate, then help me find a Pub-
| >lisher that'll Publish a regular book :-]
| I hear self publishing is quite easily done these days.

Yeah, so do I. It's just that it's about
a 'decade' since I've had the wherewithal
to do anything but just hold-onto-Life.

I'm broke, 'live' in a cross between a
"sardine can" and a deep-freeze, can't
find employment ["because", in desper-
ation, I undertook a series of acts of
"civil disobedience" in efforts to "break
through" -- I was arrested multiple
times, so, now, I have a "record",
which is all anyone sees when I
apply for work, and no one will hire
a "trouble-maker". So, if nothing
breaks, I'll starve to death. I've
been getting-by spending a little
more than $20/wk on food and
nursing a tank of gas for 3 months,
turning my thermostat way down.

It's 'funny' that folks seem to view
it all as some sort of "cartoon", but
there's a Human Being on this end,
who's going-through-Hell.

So, I've no "leeway" with which to
take advantage of stuff that may, or
may not, work.

I'm here in b.n just "stating the facts".

It's just Hard because of what's in
NDT, and what's in the absence-of-
understanding that's been handed
sown across generations since the

Folks "love" ['move toward'] the
"darkness" and "hate" ['move away
from'] the "light".

Which is 'funny'.

And Sorrowful.

Try to imagine -- for the better part
of the 35 'years' that've passed since
I began the formal development of
NDT, I was writing papers and sub-
mitting them for Publication. Not
one of them was ever reviewed. [One
received a 'cursory review' because
one of my Profs was the Journal's
Editor, so he couldn't just "flip me off",
but he "flipped me off" with a say-
nothing 'cursory review'. [To be fair,
I didn't write that paper expecting it
to be Published. I wrote it only in an
effort to get my Prof to consider the
work I'd done, hoping that he'd, then,
want to hear about it in-detail.]]

So, after a lot of this, one becomes
"used-up" with respect to pursuing
such. As things stand, when I sit down
to "write a paper", I want to throw-up.

It's that "intense". [It's "complicated" -- 
like "pouring one's self out", only to
discover that folks "enjoy" experiencing
one's being "poured-out on the floor
at their feet" -- and that's "deadly" to
the "spirit" -- kind of as if one lives in
an impermeable bubble, with folks
all around able to look in on one, but
thinking one exists sort of like a "pic-
ture" -- not as a real Human Being..]

So, I've been discussing NDT here in
b.n, hoping that someone who reads
my discussions would help me get-
through to an Editor who'd be willing
to work with me. Then, knowing that
what I wrote would actually be received,
I could write.

Otherwise, it's pure-Hell.

k. p. collins 

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