The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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| Try to imagine -- for the better part
| of the 35 'years' that've passed since
| I began the formal development of
| NDT, I was writing papers and sub-
| mitting them for Publication. Not
| one of them was ever reviewed. [One
| received a 'cursory review' because
| one of my Profs was the Journal's
| Editor, so he couldn't just "flip me off",
| but he "flipped me off" with a say-
| nothing 'cursory review'. [To be fair,
| I didn't write that paper expecting it
| to be Published. I wrote it only in an
| effort to get my Prof to consider the
| work I'd done, hoping that he'd, then,
| want to hear about it in-detail.]]
| [...]

This needs further explanation.

In the "atmosphere" in which I had to
work, the 'presumption' that it was
"impossible" to solve the brain as an
information-processing system was

Trying to get anyone to listen to an
explanation of how the brain works
was universally perceived as an at-
tempt to get someone to "drink pois-
on" -- it didn't matter that I knew I
was doing nothing of the kind.

Everyone I ever approached saw me
as completely-"uninformed", and 'moved
away from' me as if interacting with me
would "damage their credibility".

It's still the same, and it's always been
a living-Hell -- like I'm a "leper" -- an

No one would even talk to me, and,
when I tried -- thousands of 'times' -- 
my Profs and/or folks who I'd con-
tacted in one way or another all just
'moved away from' me. [Luckily, my
Mother and Father had taught me
the usefulness of a "thick skin", so I
persisted in trying, that "thick skin"
gradually being worn raw from try-

So, to minimize the "trauma" inherent
in such, I, mostly, just worked in soli-
tude, which allowed me to continue to
develop NDT, but, simultaneously,
left folks without the means to under-
stand NDT's stuff.

I've been "whittling-away" at all facets
of the problem, continuing to develop
NDT, and "sticking my foot into every
door" that I could think of "sticking" it

=No one's at fault= in any of this.

All of the "travail" was due, =solely=
to the fact that absence-of-under-
standing strongly prevailed, and folks'
nervous systems just converged upon
TD E/I-minimization, 'blindly' and auto-
matically, with respect to the prevail-
ing absence-of-understanding, 'moving
toward' it as if it was "understanding",
when all it was was Nothingness.

It shouldn't've been so Hard to =just=
communicate Knowledge, though.

And that's one of the most-Joyful things
about NDT's understanding -- after NDT
comes forward, there won't be this ab-
ject "refusal" to listen to new ideas. In-
stead, folks'll routinely make sure that
stuff that is just not understood will be
Published to assure that it has the oppor-
tunity to =be= understood.

Anyway, it's =Important= that folks un-
derstand that they were not "at fault".

The "Fault" was =solely= the 'work' of
'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance" -- the
absence of understanding of how and why
nervous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
within nervous systems that had never had
the opportunity to understand that nervous
systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization.

That's at an End, 'now'.

'the beast' has been Slain.

Long Live Understanding.

k. p. collins

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