The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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> | [...]
> | I think you would find - if you looked - that not only
> | are the central tenets of Janov's view is - like yours -
> | based on scientific facts, but that it also is satisfyingly
> | complementary to your insights.
> |
> | But of course, you may never care to look.
> | At least to that extent we live in a free world! :-)
> |
> | Cheers,
> |
> | Peter
> You posted a "Janov" web site a while back.
> I took a serious look at it and found it to be
> a "commercial" site that wanted to "sell"
> stuff. So I left without pursuing it any further.

That response of yours examplifies *your own 
insight* into how each our - of us conditioning - environment 
can groove/incline us towards different blindly automated 


> With respect to your oft-reiterated invocation
> of "Janov", I was hoping that you'd just dis-
> cuss what it is that you want me to consider.

For example: 

Janov's therapeutic and theoretical emphasis of 
the importance of allowing/facilitating new neural connections
that very much in depth dispell the defensively misconnected gating reflexes 
that preserve/perpetuate CURSES. 

A certain Primal Pain (CURSES) is not just a 
kind of memory (or engram) of a lifetime situation that 
caused signals being sent by one (or more) - for "pain detection"
specialized - neuron. 

It also is -- in agreement with your view of your "TD E/I-up/down" 
brain functional and behaviour-organizing principle --  
an increase in different glutamatergic firing frequencies 
(e.g. caused by a lack of instinctively required 
type of sensory input - e.g., from an absence of physical touch in 
an person's first months and years of life) that 
at certain frequency-thresholds trigger not just 
the realease of pain correlated signal substances 
such as substance P, and that at long enough durations of such 
stimulation/firing (and/or given a sufficient inhibitory competition 
from other actention modules within the Actention Selection System) 
get to be counteracted by opioids and/or GABA-ergic lateral inhibition (from the "competing" modules).

> You know -- rather than pointing me to it as
> a sort of "Rorshach test" :-]

I can see where you are coming from. 
Shame on me. :->


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