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This one is 'Difficult'.

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|| [...]
|| I think you would find - if you looked - that not only
|| are the central tenets of Janov's view is - like yours -
|| based on scientific facts, but that it also is satisfyingly
|| complementary to your insights.
|| But of course, you may never care to look.
|| At least to that extent we live in a free world! :-)
|| Cheers,
|| Peter
| You posted a "Janov" web site a while back.
| I took a serious look at it and found it to be
| a "commercial" site that wanted to "sell"
| stuff. So I left without pursuing it any further.
| Really, Peter, as "unseemly" as it might seem :-]
| NDT is the Neuroscience "equivalent" of
| Newton's work in Natural Philosophy.
| It changes everything just as Newton's work
| did.
| Just as Newton knew what he'd accomplished,
| so do I. And just as Newton had no reason to
| "fall-back" to the former, non-working stuff,
| neither do I.
| [...]

With respect to such, I've observed, and
Verified the existence of, an Alarming

First, since it's =Easily= confirmed that the
work that I've done does, in fact, constitute
the Neuroscience quivalent of Newton's
work in the old "Natural Philosophy", the
further fact that =all= of my efforts to just
bring this work [NDT] forward have been
"thwarted" is self-disclosing.

This just =could not happen= unless there
was an =organized effort= to prevent the
coming forward of NDT's understanding.

With respect to this, I've been "in communi-
cation with" Journalists more longer than
two 'decades'. I've been continually send-
ing stuff "to" Journalists that should have
elicited, from them, their willingness to re-
port the News of NDT's existence and
it's generalized usefulness.

So, since, to date, my communications
"with" Journalists have come to naught,
I know, with certainty, that there is an
organized effort to thwart the coming
forward of NDT's understanding.

Because of what NDT is -- because of
what's in-it, and because of what it makes-
possible, this organized effort constitutes
a Crime Against Humanity on an Unthink-
ably-Offensive scale.

Unfortunately, my personal resources are
such that I cannot pursue an "Investigation"
that would disclose the nature of this org-
anized effort, and although it's possible to
bring such an "Investigation" to Fruition,
I cannot disclose the nature of this organ-
ized effort in-detail.

My letters, internet communications, and
phone calls routinely go unanswered. [As
I've explained in long-former posts, the
fact that nothing has happened as a result
of my interaction in various internet news
groups says nothing because it's flat-out
easy to "redirect" all of anyone's "inter-
action" with "the internet" to clone-servered
"worlds" that, for the most part", look
like what an ordinary user of the Internet
would expect to see.

But I know that the stuff I've discussed in
various "internet news groups" =should=
have, long-ago, won some in-person pre-
sentation, and/or Publication, opportunity,
be-cause the stuff I've discussed, although
Profound in its significance, has been stat-
ed in blazingly-simple, and, therefore, easy-
to-comprehend [at least when taken one
thing at a 'time'] terms the significance of
which no one who is actually working in
Neuroscience and/or Physics could poss-
ibly "miss".

So that's how I know that there is an org-
anized effort to "thwart" the coming forward
of NDT's understanding.

If the stuff I've been "sending to" Journalists
had actually reached Journalists, those Journ-
alists would have been Ethically-Bound to
take action to Report the News of NDT's
existence and significance with respect to
Human interactive dynamics.

And, if the discussions I've posted to "inter-
net news groups" had actually reached the
Internet Newsgroups tto which I intended
to post them, the Professionals who interact
in those Internet News Groups would have
been Ethically Bound to assist in the coming
forward of NDT's understanding.

Of course, I cannot be Certain of all of this,
but I've noted [as I've reiteratively discussed
over the 'years'] that I've caught the clone-
servering "with its pants down" on numerous
occasions. I don't care to discuss the evidence
I've accumulated with respect to such, but it
will pass the test in any Court of Law [unless
that 'court of law' is, itself, completely Corrupt,
but that possibility has nothing to do with

So, in the absence-of-anything's-happening, I
can Know, with certainty, that something has
been Gravely-Amiss -- and that the degree of
such is commensurate with what would have
been Amiss if Newton's work in the old "Nat-
ural Philosophy" had been analogously "thwart-
ed", say, by folks who thought they could re-
tain Newton's work with respect to their own
interests so that they could use it while keeping
the rest of Humanity 'in-the-dark' with respect
to the Usefulness that's in the work that Newton

Newton did suffer considerable "intrigue" in
his 'day' -- which kept him from formally Pub-
lishing a lot of his work for more than 20 'years',
and I've been allowing for the possibility that, in
NDT's case, it's just been analogous mundane
"intrigues" that've 'thwarted' the coming-forward
of NDT's understanding.

But, Knowing what's in NDT's understanding,
and Understanding how 'easy' it is to 'contain'
"communications" in a 'modern' computer-con-
trolled 'world', I'd be Remiss if I did not also
allow for the Possibility that the stuff that has
'thwarted' the coming-forward of NDT's under-
standing is more than the 'mundane' Jealousies,
etc., that kept Newton from formally Publish-
ing his work for more than 20 'years'.

The above is "background". Now I'll discuss
the "Alarming Trend" that is pointed to in the
title of this sub-thread.

I have Observed that =anyone= who attempts
to Assist in the coming-forward of NDT's un-
derstanding has been 'exposed' as having 'com-
mitted scandalous acts'.

I've been monitoring this Verifiable Trend for
for more than a 'decade', and have accumulated
Evidence, with respect to it, that will hold-up in
=any= Court of Law that, itself, is not Corrupt.

I've Decided to state such 'Publicly' [on what-
ever is the electronic-'place' that I'm able to
see as "bionet.neuroscience" be-cause I am
Ethically-Bound to convey to the folks, who
are so-Attacking those who try to Assist in
the coming-forward of NDT's understanding,
that they =MUST-CEASE= all such "activity",
and do so =IMMEDIATELY=.

And, it's also become Clear to me that I'm
Obliged to Warn folks who would Assist in
the coming-forward of NDT's understanding
that it's Probably the case that, if they do at-
tempt to Assist in the coming-forward of NDT's
understanding, their Persons will also be similar-
ly Attacked.

=NOTHING= can =EVER= come of these
'Attacks'. I can, and will, Defend =Everyone=
from their Egregiously-Offensive 'stuff', and,
although it will give me Sorrow to have to do
so, I Will Do So.

K. P. Collins 

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