The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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Necessary Clarification added, below.

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|| >| Please describe and give web references (available to me) for all your acronyms.
|| >| Thank you for your definitions.
|| >
|| >Do a date-ordered =Groups= Google[tm] on
|| >my ID.
|| >
|| >Since I came back online, at the beginning of
|| >November, 2004, I've done a reiteration of
|| >NDT's general position [which was 'complete'
|| >by the middle of December, 2004].
|| >
|| >There're several hundred posts, but, if you
|| >actually want to understand, there it is.
|| >
|| >I suspect, though, that what you actually want
|| >is an introductory text. That is what AoK is.
|| >It's out-there, available for free.
|| Where out there?
| If you give me permission to do so,
| I'll send it to you. It's an old MSDOS[tm]
| hypertext "book" that also runs under
| Windows[tm], and is about 350k as a
| compressed [self-extracting] attachment.
| [If you allow me to send it to you, you'll
| have to be patient. I've got to dig it out
| of back-ups, so that'll take a while.]
| Many folks have it. If you say you
| want a copy, perhaps someone else
| will send it to you. If not, I will.]
|| >If that's inadequate, then help me find a Pub-
|| >lisher that'll Publish a regular book :-]
|| I hear self publishing is quite easily done these days.
| Yeah, so do I. It's just that it's about
| a 'decade' since I've had the wherewithal
| to do anything but just hold-onto-Life.
| I'm broke, 'live' in a cross between a
| "sardine can" and a deep-freeze, can't
| find employment ["because", in desper-
| ation, I undertook a series of acts of
| "civil disobedience" in efforts to "break
| through" -- I was arrested multiple
| times, so, now, I have a "record",
| which is all anyone sees when I
| apply for work, and no one will hire
| a "trouble-maker". So, if nothing
| breaks, I'll starve to death. I've
| been getting-by spending a little
| more than $20/wk on food and
| nursing a tank of gas for 3 months,
| turning my thermostat way down.
| Etc.
| [...]

As I've discussed in long-former posts
here in b.n, when I way Young, and
before I'd unified NDT's understanding,
I "self-medicated" using alcohol -- to
'escape' in the midst of the "Terrible
'times'", during which I was, otherwise,
pushing-myself mercilessly -- be-cause
I'd =Seen= what was at-stake, but had
not yet, then, been able to bring-things-

So four of my arrests were alcohol-re-
lated, and, although I was doing, then,
was literally Saving-my-Life by temp-
orarily "releasing" from the crushing-
weight of what had fallen to me to do,
I cannot "excuse" myself from the cir-
cumstances of those arrests. I was,
in fact, behaving in a "drunk and dis-
orderly" way -- almost always innoc-
cuously -- just "releasing", without giv-
ing anyone any trouble, but being re-
ported by folks who, when they see
something that can be "reported", re-
port it. [The one 'time' that I took
aggressive action while drunk was
when I went to the Defense of a
Friend who'd been accosted by a
fellow that was hugely-bigger than
him, and I ended up in a Brawl.]

In the acts of "civil disobedience"
that addressed in my earlier post,
there was no alcohol involved, and
all were deliberate attempts to just
take stands in the hope that doing so
would create circumstances in which
NDT's understanding would be com-

But I was "arrested", or 'institution-
alized', and the "charges" were always
so devoid-of-rationale as to be 'comic-
al' -- but the Consequences that fell to
me, and Sadly, to my Father were,
themselves, Criminal acts by the "Auth-
orities" who "arrested" and "prosecuted"

=I was acting under Obligation to the
Facts of my Citizenship= -- under Ob-
ligation to The Constitution Of The
United States Of America, and those
who "arrested" and "prosecuted" me
did so =outside= of the Law, Savagely
ab-using it.

And the Consequences of their Actions
fall-upon me, still.

=Needing= "release", I went to see
=Million Dollar Baby= yesterday.

The gender is opposite, but my Life
has been almost exactly like that.

I'd like to discuss it, but I want not to
spoil this deeply-moving Movie for
folks. See it, and, perhaps, you'll un-

Anyway, what I actually wanted to
say in this addendum to my prior post
is that my "inability" to find employment
is =not= Justified in the facts of my

Now, I've a craving for some "home-
made lemon merinque pie".

k. p. collins

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