An alarming Verifiable Trend [was Re: The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment]

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| [...]

| I am
| Ethically-Bound to convey to the folks, who
| are so-Attacking those who try to Assist in
| the coming-forward of NDT's understanding,
| that they =MUST-CEASE= all such "activity",
| and do so =IMMEDIATELY=.
| [...]

Yhis 'Difficult' stuff said, I, once again, reiterate
that even the folks who're doing this Savage
stuff are doing it =be-cause= they are =Vic-
times= of 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, and
they "know not what they do".

But they =MUST CEASE= be-cause, if they
do not, they will "close the door" to the Pos-
sibility of Humanity's Survival.

You know?

There are no "do overs" in Life.

What anyone does, and the ramifications
inherent in its being done, "live"-on.

The only thing anyone can do with re-
spect to such is to Recognize mis-takes
when they are shown to be "mis-takes",
and, with such experience having been
gained, behave in accord with the Profit
that's in such Learning.

What I'm doing when I discuss 'Difficult'
stuff, such as this stuff, is what I'm Ob-
liged, in-Truth, to do in Assisting folks
Recoveries from mis-takes.

You know -- rather than allowing the
ramifications of mis-takes to be perpet-
uated, and wreaking their havoc, interm-

If folks look, they'll See the Love in-it.

Do not mis-take my wanting to be
Gentle for "weakness".

I am Fierce in this way, and just do
what needs to be done.

K. P. Collins 

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