[Neuroscience] Junction potential in whole-cell recording

Anup Pillai anupgpillai at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 05:03:02 EST 2006

I am new member to this group and I have some questions to clarify, for
which I request the members help.
When I do whole-cell recording the junction potential is most of the time
roughly +56mV. Where as in most papers I see it mentioned around 12-15 mV,
much lesser than I have with my internal solutions. So will this be a
problem for  recording? Also the osmolarity of my internal solution is only
255 mOsm where it should have been around 300mOsm, is this the reason for
the high junction potential? I have also seen some papers say about
correcting the junction potential is this a nessesary when I do Current
clamp recording and mesure the initial EPSP slope in my LTP experiments?

Thanks in advance

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