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Jeff B. jeffbaure at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 1 20:26:41 EST 2006

Le Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:37:47 GMT, "Johan" <rwferge at spammail.com> a
écrit :

>Hi! Is it correct that it takes about 0.5 second to become aware of
>something that creates a neurological reaction in the brain?

I am not a specialist but i would beg it depends on your alertness or
your vigilance and it certainly can be faster than 500 ms. I think
that the visual processing requires at most 100-150 ms (sound
processing may be faster) and EEG recordings suggest latencies of
250-300 ms for the higher processing ("become aware")

>When we hit the baseball the time is less than 0.5 second from when it left
>the hand. How can we then see it leave the hand and hit it perfectly with

Tennis as well (receiving a 60 m/s serve that leaves less than 200 ms
to react), a lot of sports would be funny with a 500 ms reaction time.
At the start for a 100 m sprint, if the reaction time of a sprinter
(reacting to a gun fired) is below a given threshold (150 ms ?),
his/her start is considered as non valid (anticipated).

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