[Neuroscience] Alzheimer's Disease questions

L. J. Miller lmillermom at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 6 16:49:58 EST 2006

I lectured on Alzheimer's last night to my undergraduates, and they 
had a few questions that I couldn't answer.......

1) Does the brain of a severe AD patient feel "hard"?  I showed 
pictures of a regular brain and an AD brain.  I think I read 
somewhere that the AD brain loses its "sponginess", but what does it 
feel like?

2)  I showed a graph demonstrating the increasing AD rates and 
projected AD rates, and AD is expected to skyrocket.  Someone asked 
if that's because of increasing diagnosis or related to the 
increasing elderly population.  Or is there some *factor* for 
increasing AD?


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