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> I caught a Report on a study that has found
> an inverse correlation between Education
> and Alzheimer's on National Public Radio
> [NPR] =Morning Edition= this morning.

This is old news within the field, even if the popular press has only 
recently "discovered" it.  In addition to formal educational attainment, a 
few studies have shown that ongoing intellectual stimulation correlates to 
reduced AD risk.  Likewise, smaller adult head (cranium) size is a risk 
factor for AD.

Scarmeas, N., and Stern, Y. 2003. Cognitive reserve and lifestyle. J Clin 
Exp Neuropsychol 25:625-633.

Hall, K., Gureje, O., Gao, S., Ogunniyi, A., Hui, S.L., Baiyewu, O., 
Unverzagt, F.W., Oluwole, S., and Hendrie, H.C. 1998. Risk factors and 
Alzheimer's disease: a comparative study of two communities. Aust N Z J 
Psychiatry 32:698-706.

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