[Neuroscience] Re: Preliminary advice how to pinpoint a post-Darwinian heuristic principle pertaining to the neurobiology of preoccupations and the evolution of productive pain minimization.

Peter F 19eimc_minus19 at ozemail.com.au
Sat Apr 15 06:52:36 EST 2006

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> Nothing to do with your post per se but,
> Hmmm, I can't find an 'ept' anywhere!
> (I found these tho ...could be of
> interest... I was feeling a bit bored
> ....<yawn>...)
Thanks for the list! :-)

It is not a well kept secrete that I think EPT is a perfectly suitable
syllable/signature for my somewhat teasy and in other ways
provocative explanatory philosophical take on things.

In case EPT does not automatically lead to the association (within people's 
with the word/meaning of "apt" and of "not inept" that I desire,
I make sure it does! ;-)

Other ways in which I try to be philosophically provocative
(as part of what I bet is the most possible, or optimal, of all _rationally_ 
philosophical and effectively philosophy terminating enlightenment promoting 
is (partly) that I use septic (or S_EPT_IC/toilet) humored punning,
and that I have resorted to contrive a "MAD (the famous arms-race-shaming 
inspired" etymologically pioneering terminology.

One example is that I am re-representing and defining traumatizing 
features generally with the acronymic concEPT "SHITS".

And so on....



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