[Neuroscience] holy grail of neuro

anadashmaria at gmail.com anadashmaria at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 11:26:45 EST 2006

what is the most coveted type of research or place to do it at? Max
Plank Institute, MIT, Oxford? (i understand that some places are
specific to certain specializations -- feel free to comment on those).
i want to get a feel for this.

also how much philosophizing is involved versus pure math in the
experiments/case studies? what are some other fields involved besides
bio, anatomy, physiology...cognitive behavior/psych.etc...

I have a graduate degree in engineering and am giddy with delight that
memorization is not stressed as much as say in med school... and
already having possessed some 'problem solving skillz' I think neuro
might be a good way to go.

[please don't tell me to search google]. just answer the question if
you want ;)

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