[Neuroscience] hi, need urgent help using Matlab 6.1 nntool

Rama ramatalwadker at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 06:33:39 EST 2006

i was trying to use the matlab 6.1 NNTOOL to do XOR backpropagtaion. i
had made 2 neurons in input layer, and 3 int the hidden layer with only
oneoutput neuron.
the inputs were given as specified {[0;0] [0;1] [1;0] [1;1]} and the
target output as{[0] [1][1][0]}.
i had specified all the parameters lr=0.1; mc=0.9 epochs=1000 .
when i said train the network it gave me an error saying error using
'feval'. i had not specified anything about feval.

can anyone help regarding the cause for this error and how to debug it.
there is no help available on nntool with Matlab. for the past week i
have beeen struggling to know how to use it.

i shall remain grateful if anyone could help me,

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