[Neuroscience] Re: Why can't human statue stand?

Mike eleatis at yahoo.gr
Fri Apr 28 15:54:02 EST 2006

neo wrote:
> Suppose there is human statue of cement in standing position. We human
> being can remain in standing position. But why can't this statue remain
> standing even if it is exact like our body?

Newborns cannot either. They have not learned yet how to remain in
standing position. Cement statue can never learn. It is doomed to fall
at first disturbance.

Neural networks in the brain learn how to react to various conditions
causing instability and activate the human actuators but that is not
nearly enough. You also learn to use vision in a feedback mechanism.
Close your eyes and you will fall much easier.

Dolphins can balance a ball on their nose perfectly while they swim,
the so called "inverted stiick problem"  with the stick motion allowing
6-DOF.  They have a perfect control system in place no human can match
and no algorithm is known to rival it. 


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