[Neuroscience] Re: Recovering from AVM surgery?

John H. j_hasenkam at yahoo.com.au
Sun Aug 13 04:28:01 EST 2006

Tough situation there for you Mitch. As an aside, don't forget about
the impact all this is having on you. Sometimes it can all catch up
rather quickly.

I suspect you are asking too much from the internet. Even if given all
the available information it is just too difficult to know how a person
will recover from such a condition. It can be highly variable,
personality changes often occur post brain injury and surprisingly
irrespective of the site of injury. There is also some evidence to
suggest that endocrinological and immunological functions can be
changed, so don't be too surprised at all the unusual things going on
behavior wise. It is impossible to know the final outcome but
therapeutic interventions during the recovery phase can make an
important difference for the better.

Sit tight, in this early phase I imagine (and that is all I can do) the
doctors are worried about another event so are watching over her.
Recovery can take many months. I strongly advise you not to rely on the
internet to try and gain some idea of your wife's prognosis because in
all probability your speculations will also be wrong.

All the best,


Mitch at This_is_not_a_real_address.com wrote:
> >Why aren't you telling this to the surgeon?
> Have you ever tried reaching the chief neurosurgeon at Northwestern
> Memorial Hospital?
> Easier to call Bill Gates at home.
> In any case, she had a stroke and is back at Northwestern.  And of
> course, since it takes at least a year to have an MRI read at
> Northwestern, here I am again Googling and reading newsgroups trying
> to find out if my wife will die, if she will recover, whatever,
> waiting for my cell phone to buzz so that some resident can tell me
> that she is "still stable."

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