[Neuroscience] Re: Spin out

jalegris at sympatico.ca jalegris at sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 12 21:24:56 EST 2006

mimo_545 at hotmail.com wrote:
> jalegris at sympatico.ca wrote:
> > Matt Menge wrote:
> > > out" their axons.  Is this just a figure of speech or is there
> > > something that actually spins?
> >
> > It's a figure of speech. Neurons don't spin unless you centrifuge them.
> > Axons grow by an active process involving a "growth cone" at the
> > developing tip.
> >
> Coriolis? if is an axon tubular? is it spirally twisted?just off hand
> that form would be genetic wouldn't it?

I see your point. An neuron is no less twisted than an axon tip is
conical. And maybe spiders have been spinning neural networks all

Joe L.

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