[Neuroscience] Brain slice techneques (granule cell physiologists must read)

Bill connelly.bill at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 20:37:25 EST 2006


Now you often read people who do crazy things when they're making brain
slices. Have lactate in their solutions, do the cutting in a HEPES
buffer saline, incubate their slices on Interface chambers etc...

But I though I'd give some of them a go, and I can say without a single
doubt in my mind, that incubating the slices in a standard aCSF with
3mM Na-pyruvate and 1mM Na-ascorbate at 35 degrees for half an hours,
and then reverting to room temp, has improved the quality of my slices
to a massive extent, most drastically, in the granule layer of the
dentate gyrus. Both the ascorbate/pyruvate additives and the 35 degree
incubation helped on their own, but together they are amazing.

I strongly reccomend to anyone who hasn't endorsed this techneque to
give it a try.

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