[Neuroscience] facial expression survey request

sorcimatt sorcimatt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 14:18:27 EST 2006

Hi all,
  this is a post requesting your kind participation to a survey that
Gianluca Antonini and I have prepared in the study of human perception
and classification of emotions.
The survey consists in spending a few minutes labeling a few images.
You (and your colleagues,friends and students) can participate in this
survey comfortably  installed on your chair by clicking to the
following link:


That's what to do:

    1.   Choose a language.

    2.    The first time you have to create a new account (click on
create a new user) and insert a few personal information.

The socio-economics fields are important for us in order to segment the
labeler population based on different background knowledge, age,
occupation and education.
The ethnic group is relevant for us to investigate the choice behavior
of people when faced to images of individuals belonging to the same or
to another ethnic group.

IMPORTANT: the user can guarantee her own privacy choosing freely her
own username and password. The data will be treated confidentially and
only for scientific purposes.
                          Anyway, most of the fields include a "None"
option for those responders that don't want to answer.

   3.    Once logged in you can start a survey by specifying the place
where you are (home, work or other) and choosing the number of images
you want to annotate in the current survey.

    4.   By clicking on "Start the survey " you will start the labeling
procedure for the chosen number of images. The following image shows
the interface :

    For each image in the group you have to choose one of the available
options and click on the right arrow in order to validate the current
choice and pass to the next image .

    N.B.1 :  The "I don't know" option  should correspond to those
situations where the expression is ambiguous.

    N.B.2 :  if you find the survey too long you can stop whenever you
want by logging off and restart from the first unlabeled image at your
next login.

    5.   At the end of the survey push the "Validate Survey" button to
validate the whole survey.

    6.   If you want and if you have time please make more surveys .

Thanks in advance for your precious help

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