[Neuroscience] Re: possible to record individual neuron impulses?

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Fri Aug 18 07:10:01 EST 2006

On 18 Aug 2006 00:43:37 -0700, nospam8 at rogers.com wrote:

>Does anyone know if it is possible to put some kind of ameter on an
>individual neuron in the brain and record the impulses?  I have done
>some research into this but the closest thing I found was this article
>It does not appear that they measured the response of individual

Recording from a single neuron is very common.  It requires a
microelectrode to be placed either very close to (extracellular) or
actually inside (intracellular) the cell.  As you might imagine, the
procedure is incredibly invasive and causes significant damage.  

Google "single unit recording" for a lot of sites with good
information.   You can also try "intracellular microelectrode" or
"extracellular microelectrode" for a lot more.

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