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Sun Aug 20 14:44:47 EST 2006

simple_one wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction and write
> down for me some book or article references that invalidate the
> grandmother/gnostic cells theory.
> I ran a search on PubMed and the only new relevant article that came up
> was the "Genealogy of the Grandmother Cell" by Charles G Gross.
> I have a background in computer science and I have been studying
> neuroscience by myself for a couple of years now.
> Unfortunately some of the arguments presented in there in favor of
> having  a piece of information represented as an ensemble of cells seem
> to me that they actually give credit to the gnostic cell theory. Like
> this argument: "Even the most selective face cells usually also
> discharge, if more weakly, to a variety of individual faces".
> Most of the other books and articles I have read don't deal with this
> theory at all so I assume that perhaps it was invalidated some time
> ago.
> Thanks in advance.

Nature vol 435 p1102 (23 June 2005)

Invariant visual representation by single neurons in the human brain
R. Quian Quiroga, L. Reddy, G. Kreiman, C. Koch and I. Fried

Joe Legris

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