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> Is It possible to have multiple consciousness
> in the same brain at the same time.

Yes - given that "a consciousness" is realistically seen to be both a
dynamic brainspacetime
pattern and a pattern within an "actention selection system" (ASS); and
a pattern to be 'performed'
by a prevalantly energized or 'focused' part of an ASS's modular (though
usually both massively and more messily than neatly so) repertoire of
"program structures" (or, IOW, an automatically coordinated confluence
of patterns of sensory and motor signals and their generation and
processing by neural/neurometabolic activity); and a form (or
conceptualizably category) of activity that (the purposefulness of
which) has gradually physically/phylogentically emerged
and become preserved (as part of different evolving lineages of
geno/phenotypes) purely because it has promoted
(both indirectly and directly so) procreative preoccupations.

It is worth noting that distinctly different "consciousnesses" (plural)
as if illustrate themselves when we wish and think to do something with
the "mind" (~approximately correlated with the latest cerebral
structures to have evolved and become part of the ASS), or that we
actually are already preoccupied with doing or thinking something,
whilst we in our "heart" (~brain structures evolved prior to "the mind")
feel and possibly also think (with other transiently predominant modules
of our mind), that we ought to do something else.

However, two or more of the same (or even very similar) kinds and
contents of consciousness cannot
occur within an ASS (actention selection system). But actention module
specific contents (and modes) of consciousness (whatever the evolved to
level of a species the individual represents, and whatever its
ontogenetic level of development, and depending on its "intactness") can
only inconsistely be generated by actention modules who as if compete
for and transiently take possession of (zoom in and out of) the brain's
seemingly fairly standard-sized "buffers" for maintaining their
respective focuses of actention that exist in brains (IOW the available
room to become "a dominant" is naturally restricted).

The "role of chief conductor of consciousness" is played
by a committee of neurons residing in our frontal lobes; A committee
whereoff each comittee memember can be seen to be "the highest possible
of modules subserving respectively different possible ways of paying

However, as readily and more or less well as a symphony orchestra can
play entirely without
a conductor, so can a brain allow us to be conscious and behave without
prefrontal lobe functions.

> I would think having a two or more consciousnesses
> would enhance your overall intelligence ??

To that extent democrasy doe not do a good job.
It would be sure to drive you democrazy! :-)

And, "intelligence" is to a major extent
modular, too.

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