[Neuroscience] Re: paper needed: "Neuroinformatics"

Hsiao mhsiao at usc.edu
Wed Jan 11 18:53:28 EST 2006

Thanks for your suggestions!

"r norman" <NotMyRealEmail at _comcast.net> wrote in message 
news:9itas118gu118726n36mbthmanik7ru586 at 4ax.com...
> On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:37:31 -0800, "Hsiao" <mhsiao at usc.edu> wrote:
>>Fall 2005, Volume 3, Issue 3, pps. 197-222
> The journal, as you probably already know, is quite  willing to sell
> you a copy for $30.  Have you tried interlibrary loan from an
> institutional library?  Or have you tried writing the authors (try the
> first one listed,  J. Krichmar) and asking for a reprint?
> The Humana Press web page also has a registration to access their free
> online  journals.  Is Neuroinformatics one of those?

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