[Neuroscience] Re: Is it possible to prevent desensitization of GABA-A receptors?

Christian Wilms usenet02 at out-of-phase.de
Sun Jan 29 12:14:34 EST 2006

Matthew Kirkcaldie <m.kirkcaldie at removethis.unsw.edu.au> wrote:

> Surely you'd have to find a way to sterically hinder the action of 
> whatever is desensitising the receptors?  What's desensitising them?
I would like to be able to expose my slices to a prolonged GABA puff
without desensitizing the receptors.

> I can tell you that allopregnanolone is a potent endogenous potentiator
> of the GABA-A receptor, but it would be a pain to deliver in a 
> controlled way - it's a steroid so you usually have to use very sticky
> vehicle.
That doesn't sound to nice. Sounds like it would stick to the perfusion
system as well.

I've been giving the idea of potentiating the currents with barbiturates
a bit of though, but don't quite not what to expect from a kinetic point
of view (I know: a look into Hille's text book will change that -

Have a nice Sunday,

Christian W.

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