[Neuroscience] Re: Electrical potency of a brain under different conditions?

Phil Scott philscott at philscott.net
Sat Jul 1 15:36:07 EST 2006

"Fabrizio J Bonsignore" <djbonsignore at hotmail.com> wrote in 
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> Can you point me to some reference of the potency a brain 
> can develop
> in terms of electrical power? (brain as a universal 
> computing paradigm
> would give a different concept of potency). My interest is 
> the analogy
> between a brain and a radio emissor. I assume there is 
> normal level of
> activity giving a base potency, lowering during sleep (?), 
> but what
> would be the potency of a fully activated brain? I mean, if 
> all or most
> of the brain mass is activated at the same time... how would 
> it compare
> to other sources of EM radiation? I dont think ALL neurons 
> can be
> activated at the same, which would be a related question: 
> how much
> neural activity a normal brain can invoke, say, during 
> emergencies or
> extreme experiences? I assume that a fully connected 
> brainwould totally
> disable the individual, and also I assume that if a brain is 
> fully
> activated, after a while it would fall into a state of what 
> we would
> call externally moronity, maybe with only the cerebellum 
> showing normal
> activity and some very basic, reptile functions working 
> (hunger,
> thirst, arousment, but no foraging nor wooing). Can you 
> point to the
> figures for single neurons? Also an estimate of a fully 
> activated brain
> would be desirable and comparisons to radio or TV station 
> figures.
> Fabrizio J Bonsignore now Danilo J Bonsignore

Dr Roger Penrose has been leading research on that for a 
decade or so, now many Universities world wide have people 
working on it


Phil Scott

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