[Neuroscience] Re: Electrical potency of a brain under different conditions?

Phil Scott philscott at philscott.net
Sat Jul 1 16:04:06 EST 2006


err...you are absolutely correct about net physical force... 
the individual brain is near the bottom of that spectrum.. 
virtually no force generated directly from the brain.

(it was brain power that drove the development of the atomic 
bomb though...  computational communication it seems is 
mightier than the stone ax.... your personal mileage may vary. 
We understand that...and thats fine.)

There are the issues of coherent high frequency emmissions 
studied by NASA since the early 70's with deep space probe 
experiments...  some detailed in 'the secret life of plants' 
by Tompkins.

In the last decade or so, first at the Univ of Arizona, Dr 
Roger Penrose began quantifying these forces in measurable 
mathematical terms...with external measurements confirming 

Currently a few dozen major universities world wide are 
involved in the advance of this now known science.

The nature of ultra high frequency coherent emmisions is 
almost limitless penetration as signal carriers, with almost 
no force..

You might not find that research interesting because it 
contradicts your limited views.  ..oh well.


Throw you stone ax at will.
That regression is also studied... your personal part in that 
is crucial.

Phil Scott 

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