[Neuroscience] Re: Q's about the distribution and roles of spiking neurons in the brain

Michael Olea oleaj at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 5 17:29:36 EST 2006

borg at swirve.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've only recently started reading about spiking neurons.  One of the
> first papers I read was "Which Model to Use for Cortical Spiking
> Neurons" by Izhikevich, which illustrates the spiking behaviour of 20
> different types of biological spiking neurons.  However, what I haven't
> been able to discover with my preliminary reading is whether specific
> types of spiking neurons are localized to specific areas of the brain
> or whether all types are distributed evenly.  In addition, I have not
> been able to find anything definate about specific functional roles of
> the various types of spiking neuron behavior in the brain, either
> singularly or in combination.
> So, where should I go next?  Do my questions even have known or
> theorized answers?  Any good references, papers, or books that are
> recommended for further reading?

Not exactly what you are asking, but you might be interested anyway in
"Spikes: Exlporing the Neural Code":


And perhaps some papers here:


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