[Neuroscience] electromagnetic stimulation, then what?...

konstantin kouzovnikov myukhome at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 8 05:13:07 EST 2006

I need to confess. The other day I was on the topic of brain stimulation 
with a physicist who has never dealt with brain or brain tissue stimulation. 
During the conversation he asked me a simple question I was not able to 
answer in a laconic and elegant way. Can you help an ignorant?

background: A solution for avoiding use of surface electrodes, in the past, 
aimed at stimulation of deep structures has been a topic of discussion. The 
information was provided that a current with various long wave frequency was 
used (10 to 100Hz)
the question was: so, what's happening in the nuclei in question? why the 
nuclei becomes a/ excited or b/ inhibited when a particular 
current/frequency is applied?
Clearly, my mumbo-jumbo didn't work even for me.

Hence is my question:

1. why do we need a particular current/ frequency to excite/inhibit a 
particular nuclei? What exactly changes within a nuclei? ( as in immediately 
2. why a specific surface electrode induced current excites/inhibits a 
specific, even a deep nuclei, but not much else?

Konstantin K.

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