[Neuroscience] Re: Looking for online or ebook neuroscience dictionaries or encyclopedias

Glen M. Sizemore gmsizemore2 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 06:40:35 EST 2006

Oh, one last thing - the legacy of mainstream psychology for neuroscience 
has been the mereological fallacy in which brain activities are described in 
the same terms as the phenomena that it is supposed to explain. The brain is 
said to see, to believe, to think, to decide, to feel, to be conscious, etc. 
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Talk about a retarded conceptualization. A 
better question than the one you asked is "Does the metaphorical world of 
cognitive "science" have anything to offer neuroscience? I mean a 
neuroscience that might actually one day be able to say how physiology 
mediates behavioral function?"

<borg at swirve.com> wrote in message 
news:1152530560.394487.164970 at p79g2000cwp.googlegroups.com...
> Glen M. Sizemore wrote:
>> Every cognitive "scientist" should read this. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
>> http://skeptically.org/skinner/id9.html
> Uh, thanks.  But seriously, does Skinner and his archaic babblings have
> anything to do with modern neuroscience?

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