[Neuroscience] Re: Looking for online or ebook neuroscience dictionaries or encyclopedias

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Mon Jul 10 08:09:13 EST 2006

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> Glen M. Sizemore wrote:
>>A better question than the one you asked is "Does the metaphorical
>>world of cognitive "science" have anything to offer neuroscience?
>>I mean a neuroscience that might actually one day be able to say
>>how physiology mediates behavioral function?"
> and what about the metaphors used in behavioural science Glenn?
> in what manner do they function in cognitive and behavioural
> sciences as means to describe physiology and in neuroscience?

I'm not sure which "metaphors" you are talking about. But the role of 
behavior analysis and behaviorism is to outline just what it is that is 
supposed to be explained by neuroscience. Without it, the case is a little 
bit like looking for the "soul" in an animal's physiology.

> Alrighty, I'm nearly convinced,
> "A man is a complex chicken, man is a complex chicken,
> man is a complex chicken, women lay eggs, women lay eggs"
> Yup!, gotcha now,
> cluck!

It doesn't seem like you "got" anything other than misinformation and a big 

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