[Neuroscience] Re: Looking for online or ebookneurosciencedictionaries or encyclopedias

konstantin kouzovnikov myukhome at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 15 09:26:10 EST 2006

Adrian: I think you did yourself a very good favor as your decision is 
exactly what other fresh students did. Let me just add this: if you belong 
to tribe, check out both what a tribe (your faculty) likes as well as what 
they do not, then read both. The other one is about what I already said 
before: there was a major shift towards what they call "cognitive 
neuroscience of emotion". A book to keep in mind is of Nadel and Lange which 
has exactly the same title, if you haven't got one already. In that sense 
I'd search for several major labs also active in this ever evolving field.

One of them at Cambridge's MRC-CBU lab


Check also UCL's  (University College London) labs: tons and tons of funky 

Then I'd closely check out almost everything that is coming from Australian 
labs as these guys managed to get together a impressive program of 
comprehensive research.

The other trick to research a particular field is through getting some 
"central" to the field publication and, through your university based data 
bases access, check out the papers which sited this specific paper. Slowly, 
but surly you will acquire a relatively representative body of publications. 
Typing the term "a review" in each area of your interest would be another 
trick. Getting to the key annual conferences would be a major opportunity to 
ask every expert an advice (names? Papers? Approaches?); so, there is no 
speedy solution.. However, it looks like you already picked this one up by 

Good luck.


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>Subject: [Neuroscience] Re: Looking for online or 
>ebookneurosciencedictionaries or encyclopedias
>Date: 14 Jul 2006 16:18:37 -0700
>konstantin kouzovnikov wrote:
> > I am sure Adrian is sitting down there and thinks: well, boy, I simply 
> > these guys a question where to get bloody information, but look... this 
> > what happened! See. Adrian, it's good that you have heard it all. One 
> > it's going to work for yah.
> >
>hahaha yep,  I was just looking for a good online reference to load
>onto my notebook for quick searches while studying, and suddenly I'm in
>the middle of a debate with comments about Stalin and gulags, Chomsky
>and Skinner.
>Regarding the competing philosophical viewpoints, I can't understand
>how anyone at this time in the 21st century would even seriously
>attempt to understand and explain the behavioral properties of
>something as complex as the human brain without investigating its
>structural and biophysical aspects and emergent / dynamic properties.
>Focusing exclusively on external behavior seems too much like
>philisophical masterbation, but I guess there was no real alternative
>until the last several decades, so people did the best they could given
>the primitive technologies of the time.
>Well, I guess I'm stuck with lugging around gigantic reference books
>for the time being.  Still looking for a more efficient solution.
>Cheers all!
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