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Even from the wikipedia article, it seems to me that stage 2 sleep is
really weird.
Stage 2 sleep, where K-Complexes and Spindles occur, seems to have a
connection to IQ and schizophrenia. Thalamocortical circuits are the
source of sleep spindles, and they are highly related to intelligence,
and disorders like schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disease where
people hear voices at different times when they are awake, but what
about when they are sleeping? Since K-Complexes respond to auditory
stimuli, can they be induced by something like an inner voice? Have any
experiments been around to measure the difference between the rate of
voices and the rate of K-Complexes during sleep in those with

The Mozart Effect is a relatively recent phenomenon that is purported
to relate to a song increasing certain types of intelligence test
Can the response caused by these songs possibly be made permanent by
drugs? Are there any attempts to do this?
Also on wikipedia, they talk about the amygdala and how responses are
habituated there. The amygdala is also the site of processing of the
senses (which are impaired in those with schizophrenia). A study on
ecstacy (MDMA) had shown that people exposed to certain types of music
exaggerated the effects of the drug

Site on intelligence:

Are there any musical effects that cause an interference effect in the
hippocampus? Songs you always forget? Songs that when reinforced in the
cortex that simply dissapear? Are there any mechanisms that prevent a
40hz sound from being remembered so that it does not cause a seizure of
the temporal lobes? (40hz sounds create a spike in EEG activity)

Thanks for your time.

Michael Sabino

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