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Keller, Nancy R nancy.keller at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jul 19 12:12:01 EST 2006

Fisher brand - Heavy mineral oil (paraffin oil-same thing).

Good luck!


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   1. Whole Nerve Recording: Which Mineral Oil Should I	Use?
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Subject: [Neuroscience] Whole Nerve Recording: Which Mineral Oil
	Should I	Use?
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Hi Everyone,

I'm starting to assemble a setup to perform some whole nerve recordings
using a tripolar nerve cuff.  Literature cites the use of mineral oil
or parafin oil to form a pool of non conductive material around the
cuff & nerve.

I have been searching High and Low, but I cannot find any reference to
exactly what kind of mineral oil to use.

Is there anyone who has used this?  Can you tell me which mineral oil
to use, where to get it...etc...  what is the difference between
mineral oil & parafin oil?  Are these the same?

My plan is to gently circulate the mineral oil in the tissue pool while
maintaining it at body temperature using a temp controlled bath.

Thanks for the help!

Martin ;-)


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