[Neuroscience] How to record EEG & EMG on mice?

Hu Ji huji at ion.ac.cn
Fri Jul 28 21:16:35 EST 2006

Hi all,
I want to record EEG&EMG simultaneously to monitor sleep or awake status of mice.
I have a setup can use to record four channels of signals on behaving mice.
There are some questions:
For EEG recording,
Where I should choose to be groud?
I want to choose occipital cortex(2-3mm lateral to the midline, 2mm posterior to bregma) and cerebellum(at midline, 1mm posterior) as recording site. And then use the potential from cerebellum subtract occipital as EEG. Am I right?

For EMG recording,
I insert two wires into the neckmuscle. Should I subtract potential from these two wires or plus them?

Thank you in advance!



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