[Neuroscience] How to do extracellular recordings with glas micropipettes?

tehgabriel at web.de tehgabriel at web.de
Wed Mar 1 05:27:29 EST 2006


Does anyone know how to to do extracellular recordings with simple glas
micropipettes (~patch electrodes)? I found this kind of data in a
number of papers but I am not sure how to adopt this procedure
I would be grateful if somebody could help me out with the following

1. What properties should the electrode have (compared to a
conventional patch electrode e.g. resistance, shape, filling etc.)?
2. Do I have to use a different headstage?
3. Can I use my usual patch amplifier (Axoclamp 2B)?
4. Should I use specific filters (usually I only use the 10 kHz filter
of the amp)
5. Where to place the electrode (deep in the tissue or superficial)?

Any further advice is appreciated!


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