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    I'm wondering why some labs seem to tolerate such a level of proprietary
incompatibility between all the EEG/EKG products like Biosence Webster Carto,
Neuroscan Source/Curry, EGI, Besa, Igor &al. I mean, I see so much
advancement, but the major obstacle is lack of simultaneous interoperability,
wasting away the major promise of all the great computing speed.  Is there
anything like SourceForge.net for such products? As an undergrad in 1980 I
had to explain to a senior medical professor why the CP/M computer the
microscope salesman was selling for $25,000 was identical to the one Radio
Shack was selling for $2,000. Has nothing changed in this cost-plus world
where no one takes the time to understand one another? Isn't there some place
that got it all figured out and working together? It all seems like broken
promises by those glorified clerical workers we call programmers just to keep
themselves perpetually employed.

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