[Neuroscience] Re: entorhinal cortex

Petra petra.proeglhoef at onemail.at
Mon Mar 6 13:35:28 EST 2006

Hi Peter,

I have seen that people in such newsgroups have very interesting
thoughts and I like different point of views. My position is not so
clear yet - I'm 28 and a newby in neuroscience. After I graduated in
psychology (which is in Vienna a lot of statistics and biology) I
decided to work in the clinical field. I work in a day care clinic for
psychiatric patients from 60 upwards. I see that work as my place, I
love the work. It's exciting. But I also saw that I want to understand
the neurobiological reasons.
I haven't been a good student in neuropsychology, because I was too
young when I learned it, but nowadays I find it thrilling. And it is
important to be open for several viewpoints.

Have all a nice evening!

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