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>> >Neuroscience is not in conformity with established physics, logic,
>> >commonsense and above all our own experience. My brain will not feel
>> >free fall even when my body is falling from building is wrong.
>> >
>> >There is difference between speed of light and speed of gravity. In
>> >anology, Neuroscience is concentrating just on 'speed of light'. It
>> >seems that biologist are unaware of another medium of communication in
>> >our body i.e gravity present in every electron of our body.
>> We biologists are definitely aware of the fact that every electron in
>> the body exerts a gravitational attraction.  We simply ignore it with
>> good reason.
>What is that reason to ignore truth?
>We can verify by experiment what i am saying. You must have seen sport
>in which lot of people pull each other in opposite direction on ground.
>Instead of rope, let 10 peoples in each line  pull each other in
>opposite direction just by hands. First person in these two lines are
>pulling with, say 10 cm long rope. Last person is 10 meter away from
>first person in line. Let us start experiment. Pull each others, snap
>rope and video record experiment. Let us ask last persons in opposite
>lines how long it took for them to feel release of pulling force and
>feeling of falling on ground. According to you, last person will feel
>it after 10 seconds. I say he will feel it instantaneously.
>Let truth come out. Why ignore it?

Why not learn some more science so you can better understand the

Force is not transmitted instantaneously.  Tensions and compressions
tend to travel at the speed of sound through material.  Nerve
potentials travel at the speed of propagation of the action potential.
Electromagnetic influences travel at the speed of light.  The notion
of "instantaneous" itself is subject to interpretation in a
relativistic universe.

You were earlier referring to the gravitational influence of
electrons.  Do a simple calculation to figure out the magnitude of
those forces.

 Biologists are generally aware of the basic facts of physics.
Biophysicists who study things like action potential propagation are
generally aware of the advanced facts of physics.  

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