[Neuroscience] Re: Brain and awarness

r norman NotMyRealEmail at _comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 14:24:03 EST 2006

On 30 Mar 2006 11:07:16 -0800, feedbackdroids at yahoo.com wrote:

>A single-celled protozoan has a "lightspot" [actually, an aggregation
>of light-sensitive molecules] on one side right next to its flagellum
>base. Apparently they cause production of some chemical which
>stimulates the flagellum to move. Do you think the protozoan could hit
>a baseball pitch? If not, why not?

I can answer that!  The protozoan might be able to actually hit the
pitch, but the cilia are not strong enough to hit it hard enough to
get on base.  As a result, it the manager would most likely call for a
pitch hitter whenever the protozoan has an at-bat.

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