[Neuroscience] Final week of Awares free international online autism conference

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The Awares free international online autism conference lasts for just
one more week, until Friday November 10, 2006.  Don't miss this
final, invaluable opportunity to put your questions to more than sixty
of the world's leading autism authorities online, entirely free of
charge, by logging on at

The experts - who include Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Donna Williams,
Wendy Lawson and
the world's most famous autistic savant artist, Stephen Wiltshire -
have all provided a paper for the conference.

You can also exchange views and information with the thousands of other
delegates currently on.

The Awares conference, which will be open until 11.59pm British time
next Friday, November 10, is organised by Autism Cymru, Wales's
national charity for autism.

If you need any further information, you can contact me at
adam At autismcymru.org

Best wishes,

Adam Feinstein

Adam Feinstein

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